Personal Loans-how our unique approach can help you

Personal loans have become an important part of our lives, and there are a number of reasons why we may need a personal loan :

1 We have some unexpected bills to pay-this can happen to any of us. However much we plan our finances,sometimes we may need to pay for something that we had not expected.

2 We may wish to pay for a major product or service.This could be that fabulous holiday that we have always wanted. There may be some projects around the house,such as a new bathroom or kitchen.Perhaps we have just found out that there is major work to be done on our automobile. We all face increasing costs of education. You may have some other things to pay for where personal loans would be appropriate.

3 Re-financing- you may have borrowed money from different lenders and now wish to consolidate those loans into one manageable loan with a single,regular payment.

There may be other reasons why personal loans would help you significantly.

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Factors to consider with personal loans

You have probably realized that there are so many options relating to personal loans,but here are some things you may wish to consider when making your decision.

1 Determine exactly how much you need to borrow.When looking at the many personal loans  options,you will no doubt be offered more than you want to borrow. The lender may be offering you more than you need by offering an incentive on lower borrowing rates for a higher amount. This may be tempting,but remember that you will need to pay this back at some time.

2 Read the terms and conditions carefully.Nowadays,we are always being asked to accept terms and conditions,and many of use just agree without reading them properly. DO NOT do this when considering personal loans.Make sure you read all the terms and conditions,so you immediately know your obligations.

3 Check the APR-most lenders will be very clear about this.However,this is a big commitment you are about to make so make sure you fully understand what you are being asked to pay.

4 Look out for extras-there may be an initial payment in addition to the regular payments.If this is the case you need to know.

You may be able to repay the loan before the end of the term.Determine whether there are any early repayment fees.You may be happy about this in return for not have to make the regular payments. Read the terms and conditions of any personal loans you are considering so you are fully aware of what you are agreeing to.

5 Make sure you can make the repayments-this can be a very emotional time for you.You are understandably delighted when being offered a loan, but just take some time to appreciate that you can comfortably make the repayments.


Personal loans-our unique approach and the benefits to you

As you have probably found already,there are many lenders who want to offer your their personal loans.

Our unique approach offers the following :

1 We find the best lender for you-if you approach a banker or a lending provider,you will be offered one of their own products, after which you need to compare this offering against the many other offers.You may have already realized how time consuming this can be.However,with us we do more for you.

We are not a lender and do not make credit decisions.We connect you with selected third party lenders who will make you a loan offer,which takes away the frustrations that you may have already experienced.

2 It is quick and easy to apply-it doesn’t seem long ago that for personal loans,you had to make an appointment with a lender,who would ask you lots of questions.Then you had to wait nervously while your application was being considered.

Thankfully,that is no longer the case.All you need to do is apply online,which you can do very quickly.

3 You only need to enter a few details-whereas all lenders are different,the amount of information you need to enter can be done in minutes.

4 You can have your money quickly-although we cannot guarantee this,you could have your money the next working day after you have completed the application.

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